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Existential Therapy Doha

Existential Therapy in Doha

Life can be difficult and sometimes we begin to ask questions about our existence, deep questions such as what is the reason to my life? Who am I? Why do I feel so empty? Existential therapy aims to explore some of these major concerns by utilizing philosophy as well as psychology. The aim being more clarity and perspective on life. Many of our experienced therapist offer existential therapy in Doha and via online as it is a highly request type of therapy. For a more detailed description of existential therapy please click here.


What is existential therapy?

Existential therapy is a form of psychotherapy which is grounded in the philosophical understandings of the difficulties of living in this world, the human condition. Existential therapy focuses mainly on exploring meaning and value and learning to live authentically based on one’s own ideals, priorities and values. Essentially this means being true to one’s self and completely honest about one’s own possibilities and limitations while navigating through life’s ups and down with its deep uncertainty about everything in the future except the inevitable, death. The essence of existential therapy is authenticity, living deliberately rather than by default. Exploring these kind of important issues can open up new possibility for individuals, however, a leap of faith is required in order to ask these kind of questions.


The kind of issues that existential therapy can help with
  • anxiety and depression
  • disconnection and loneliness
  • relationship issues
  • addictions
  • identity issues
  • obsessive thoughts about death and dying

Exploring your meaning and purpose

Counselling via Skype have therapists who are ready to explore some of those deeper issues in life with you. They will work with you to find what feels right for you so that you develop your own unique authentic self. If you want to discuss whether existential therapy could benefit you then contact us via the online form and someone will be in touch to discuss this further.

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