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What is Counselling?

It is important to know that you can access counselling in Doha when you need it. It is a viable option when going through difficult times and you need an objective professional opinion. Visiting a therapist is no longer a taboo subject and the availability of counselling in Doha has increased over the last five years. Below is a short description of the counselling process.

There are many ways in which counselling can be described, the most often cited description is that counselling falls under the umbrella term “talking therapies”. Broadly speaking, counselling includes work with a vast array of psychological and emotional issues from crisis support to insights into problem solving. A key component in counselling is to allow the client space to explore, discover and clarify meaningful and resourceful ways to live their life.

How counselling can help you

For some clients just having a safe space and a confidential environment can be the catalyst to positive changes.

counselling qatarCounselling is a process in which the client is enabled to talk openly about their concerns without being judged or ridiculed. The therapist aids the client to uncover their own insights and understanding of the problem. Through this therapeutic process the client begins to learn how to resolve potential future issues.

Counselling is a very unique and subjective experience as no two clients will experience counselling the same way. However, through this therapeutic relationship the client will gain a greater understanding of self and others. This in turn provides the client with tools to deal with any future stresses or anxieties.

Although counselling is not a panacea for all emotional or psychological issues, it can help with most of them. Usually the counsellor will be able to tell you in the first session if counselling is the best route or not.

A short list of common issues addressed within counselling:
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